Thank you for your interest in MCU BOTANICALS wholesale CBD products.We have strived to build the MCU BOTANICALS brand up as one of the most sought after – and most trusted. By having our products available through your business you will be showing your support for impeccable standards of manufacture and for our attention to detail. This underlines your existing reputation for only making the highest quality items available to your customers. If you’re an existing CBD wholesale customer, contact us on:+44 (0) 208 912 5824 We look forward to hearing from you! Whether you are looking to carry a wide range of MCU BOTANICALS products or to specialise in very specific ones we will be happy to discuss and advise when placing your order.  Contact us and we will always have the time to chat about your requirements. Considerations when ordering MCU BOTANICALS. We are always open to accepting applications from distributors, wholesalers and other applicants who may need to purchase our CBD products. Whether you are an existing company or a sole proprietor developing a new business with this exciting compound, MCU BOTANICALS can offer innovative wholesale programmes to get your CBD in bulk, no matter where you’re located. If you are interested in becoming a partner or want to qualify to take advantage of these great savings, there are a couple of requirements you must pass. These requirements help us to ensure top quality services and consistency to our clients at all times. Or, alternatively….info@mcubotanicals.com






TEL: +44 208 912 5824

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